Monday, April 25, 2011

RNA Assay

Gene expression profiling or microarray analysis has enabled the measurement of thousands of genes in a single RNA sample. There are a variety of microarray platforms that have been developed to accomplish this and the basic idea for each is simple: a glass slide or membrane is spotted or "arrayed" with DNA fragments or oligonucleotides that represent specific gene coding regions. Purified RNA is then fluorescently- or radioactively labeled and hybridized to the slide/membrane. Visit for microarray RNA assay services.

RNA Molecules
RNA molecules may also function as enzymes. They do so either alone or in association with proteins. RNA molecules associate with proteins, for example, when they serve as components of machinery that helps make other, newly formed RNA molecules functional.

Modified RNA
We are committed to long-term continuous improvement and developing the incorporation of modifications and minor bases.

RNA Conjugations
The PNA molecules can be chemically linked to a variety of other chemical groups. bioconjugates can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited to, Control of Gene Expression, Antisense Therapy, Cellular Uptake/Delivery, Drug/Effectors Delivery and many others.

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