Thursday, April 7, 2011

Assay Analysis

Gene expression profiling or microarray analysis has enabled the measurement of thousands of genes in a single RNA sample. There are a variety of microarray platforms that have been developed to accomplish this and the basic idea for each is simple: a glass slide or membrane is spotted or "arrayed" with DNA fragments or oligonucleotides that represent specific gene coding regions.

Material Testing Services

Material testing services test, analyze, and certify a wide range of materials for purity, chemical compatibility, and environmental impact.

PNA Peptide Conjugates

As peptides can be inserted at the C-terminus or N-terminus. The positioning can be as follows: PNA-Peptide, Peptide1-PNA-Peptide2, and Peptide–PNA.

DNA Testing

The DNA of an individual is almost exactly the same in each and every somatic (non reproductive) cell. Sexual reproduction brings the DNA of both parents together randomly to create a unique combination of genetic material in a new cell, so the genetic material of an individual is derived from the genetic material of both their parents in roughly equal amounts.

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