Saturday, March 21, 2009

Large Scale Custom Peptide Synthesis

Peptide applications play an important role in biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology and medicine. In the human body, most if not all biological/physiological processes are regulated by various forms of molecular recognition. Most of these processes involve initiation or inhibition trough protein-protein interaction. As we know peptides and proteins due to the vast number of conformational possibilities are ideal to carry out such complex control functions.

Synthetic peptides have been widely used for the following purposes:

* Structure-function studies of polypeptides,
* As peptide hormones and hormone analogues,
* In the preparation of cross-reacting antibodies,
* In the design of novel enzyme
* And in drug discovery.

The last 40 years have seen an enormous growth in the methodologies available to obtain peptide and protein molecules. Through recombinant methods, most labs can now assemble genes, subcloned into expression vectors and obtain a wide range of endogenous proteins; likewise the pioneering work of Bruce Merrifield, makes it possible to obtain large scale with multikilo amounts of a number of biologically active peptides.
Bio-Synthesis has been producing synthetic peptides for over 25 years. Our expertise in custom synthetic polypeptide manufacturing allows us to produce the high-quality, large-scale, and GMP peptides with the highest success rate with long standing records. We have been delivered more than 100,000 peptides to customers worldwide, including very hydrophobic polypeptide, peptide with multiple disulfide bonds, multi-phosph0rylated peptides and extremely long peptides. Our large scale non-GMP ever delivered 5 kilograms of peptides on a single order and has the capacity of 10,000 peptides per month. Our capacity of GMP peptide 10 kilograms. Contact us more information on large scale custom peptide synthesis

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